About Me

Hossein Mostafavi, known as Mr Most was born into the nomadic tribe of Qashqai of Iran. He spent his early childhood and elementary school in tent and then junior school in Firuzabad Fars and high school in Shiraz. His life coincided with the many changes and challenges in Iranian society such as transformation of traditional society to modern state, revolution, external war and internal political conflict.  

He immigrated to Canada with $100 dollars in his pocket in end of 1989. Within 3 decays, in addition to graduating from University of Toronto, he became one the most successful entrepreneurs in Canada.

He also tirelessly promoted richness in all area of life. For example, he was one of the pioneer real estate agents who attracted many Iranians to North York. With over 1,000 transactions in residential and commercial property and paying millions of dollars in tax, he contributed to the growth of Canadian economy. He also built his own real estate empire.

He never forgot his own people of Iran. Probably for this reason when he returned back  & having being absent for an extensive period, almost 2,000 people welcomed him. During the time he was away, he continually provided emotional and financial support for the most underprivileged people back home. He created jobs for over 100 people in making traditional Qashqai carpets established school for adults and 200 of them were able to read and write. He promoted awareness of health and physical activities, formed hiking group. Initiated a long group walk  of almost 400 kilometres long. Mr Most himself ran a few Marathons in Toronto and Ottawa.


Now Mr Most is responding to his inner voice, coaching and public speaking.

Mr Most has also have been trained by the most successful organization in  the North America in business, personal improvement and sport. He has also obtained translation of Dr. Napoleon Hill’s work into Persian.